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In spite of the rapid progress of modern medicine the use of the herbal medicine for treatment of various ailments by Thai people continue to persist. From historical records the application of herbal medicine sustained over the period of some thousand years constitute the proof of the efficacy and effectiveness of Thai Herbal Medicines. In Modern Day Thailand, there are a rich variety of herbal plants used for various numbers of purposes. Many herbal plants are familiar to all Thai households.

Formula 1  (FL001)
Formula 1 (FL001)
The main ingredient are the red Butea Superba with Isoflavonoid substance, having the property to inhibit the PDE-5 enzyme, ...

Medicinal Herbal Bag  (HR002)
Medicinal Herbal Bag (HR002)
The medicinal benefits of herbs used help to relieve muscular aches and pain associated with strains, sprains, bruises, ...

Wet the body; apply it to the hands, chest abdomen, tight, legs armpits and wash. Suitable for all ages.

SOAP  (U002)
SOAP (U002)
Morning and evening or after meal or wish

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